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Crisis Communications: Beyond Brand Protection May 18, 2017

Protecting your brand in today’s explosive digital age

Traditional Crisis Communications plans are no longer adequate because today’s crises are anything but traditional.  Driven by social media, a company’s worst nightmare today is a negative post on twitter, an executive’s offensive remark, or an errant text. While social media has built bridges for customer engagement, it has also created cliffs from which to fall from grace. Incidents are no longer contained to small groups or take time to develop. They happen in an instant, and can be amplified to the world. 

Today’s explosive social media environment requires a new approach called Brand Protection – a much deeper, systemic approach to managing a company’s brand – and its crises – effectively. This presentation discusses crisis communications readiness – from establishing core values and transparent policies to preparing spokespeople that can humanize and create empathy for your organization.

In this program you will learn:

  •  What is Driving the Change in Crisis Communications
  •  Four Components of Brand Protection
  •  Crisis Readiness: A Model for Success

 Jan Gusich is founder and Chief Executive Officer of AKHIA, an integrated business marketing firm with expertise in strategic planning, corporate positioning, brand development, marketing communications, business communications and reputation management. 

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