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Student Memberships

Join IABC to Jump Start Your Career

Are you a full-time student in business communications, public relations, marketing communications, journalism, social media or a related area of study? IABC offers a variety of resources for students who plan on entering the communication profession.

Gain insights, make valuable contacts, and supplement your education with practical training to jump start your career. As a student, you’re always welcome to attend monthly IABC NEO programs at a special reduced rate.

Student Membership: Join IABC for only $47 per year! Learn more about student membership on the IABC Website or by contacting IABC Heritage Region Student Relations Chair Marie Kilbane-Seckers.

Transitional Membership: IABC student members qualify for 40% off the international membership dues and are exempt from the application fee when you join within one year of your graduation date.

In the meantime, visit the Student Connection that provides IABC student members with content and information to help prepare you to enter the communication profession.

Internship Resources

Check out this excellent resource for NEO internships:

The Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education (NOCHE) offers its internship placement site, For the latest stats on communication internships, view the dashboard at and the specific category at

Tips for turning your internship into a job

If you are interested in turning your internship into a full time job after graduation, there are some specific techniques you can use to increase your chances of getting hired. Many employers who offer internships do so as a way to try out and recruit new full time employees. Internships are not only a way for students to gain experience and learn more about a specific career field but internships are also a for organizations to try out individuals and decide how well they fit in the organization and if they would like to hire the person as a full time employee once the internship is completed.

  • Turning an internship into a job ... here are some specific techniques you need to employ to bridge the internship to job chasm.

What is a Good Introduction

"Remember: 20 ... 30 seconds"

The blueprint for success: Normal speech is 100-150 words a minute. You must go slower to be understood. You may have 50 words tops to work with. Try this: build a metaphor that has not a single word specific to your industry or profession. Your explanation connects the metaphor to your specific career goal. You must have a compelling and interesting question that, combined with your metaphor, makes you intriguing and worthy of your contact's time.

  • Networking in public relations ... fill out this tip sheet before your first networking event and job interview. Be prepared.

The Job Search. When I was writing this article, I immediately focused on the first step in your job search. Then, it occurred to me that before you begin your search, it would be logical to know where you want to go! Where do you want your job search to take you? Unless you have worked prior to school, you may not know exactly what you want-to do when you grow up. "That's normal because college is supposed to open up your mind to many possibilities. Also, the communications profession is very broad and contains many professions, such as Advertising, Analyst Relations, Brand Management, Employee Communications, Events Management, Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Marketing Communications. And, these professions can be within a company, within a nonprofit organization or you can become a freelance or independent consultant.

Now, begin your job search using these successful tips on winning the job you have targeted.