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Another way IABC Northeast Ohio supports the professional community is by celebrating individuals and organizations that regularl contribute to our profession and  our community.

Since 2005, IABC Cleveland/Northeast Ohio has named a Communicator of the Year (COY) as a way to honor an individual within the community who has demonstrated excellence in communication leadership. This person, who does not have to be an IABC member, consistently displays leadership in the delivery of information to employees, customers and stakeholders. This year, the Communicator of the Year will be honored at our October 7 downtown Cleveland celebration.

Spotlight Awards Nomination Form

Maybe this is your company. Or a non-profit that you support with your time, donations or talents. Perhaps it’s a company that you admire for their outstanding communication. Whatever the case may be – nominate one or more of those companies today for a Company Spotlight Award, which recognizes a large, small, and non-profit organization for their contributions to our discipline with inspiring work that demonstrates their commitment to our region. We’ve also added a category for our wonderful area independents.

Spotlight Awards Nomination Form

COY Nomination Form, Criteria and Helpful Hints

Go directly to the nomination form.

The nominee for the Communicator of the Year must be an individual within the Northeast Ohio community who has demonstrated excellence in communication leadership – within a three-year period* – by accomplishing at least one of the following since the beginning of 2012:  

  • overcoming a communications challenge
  • leading a successful communications initiative
  • focusing attention on an important issue or championing a cause
  • enhancing or advancing the profession through teaching, research, using creative strategy and/or
  • breakthrough techniques, or modeling best practices 
  • demonstrating a uniquely effective personal leadership style

*A three-year period allows consideration for consistently excellent leadership and time for measuring the success of communications. The three-year period should include work done in 2015.

IABC Northeast Ohio members and non-members can nominate a person for Communicator of the Year.  

  • The Communicator of the Year will be recognized at the IABC Northeast Ohio Vision in Communication Awards event in September.
  • Complete the application online at
  • Nomination deadline is September 4, 2015.

Review the elements the review committee will look for when evaluating nominees. See the list of past winners.

Questions about the application process may be sent to Betsy DuWaldt, IABC Northeast Ohio President.

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