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Upcoming Events


Crisis Communications: Beyond Brand Protection May 18, 2017

Protecting your brand in today’s explosive digital age

Traditional Crisis Communications plans are no longer adequate because today’s crises are anything but traditional.  Driven by social media, a company’s worst nightmare today is a negative post on twitter, an executive’s offensive remark, or an errant text. While social media has built bridges for customer engagement, it has also created cliffs from which to fall from grace. Incidents are no longer contained to small groups or take time to develop. They happen in an instant, and can be amplified to the world. 

Today’s explosive social media environment requires a new approach called Brand Protection – a much deeper, systemic approach to managing a company’s brand – and its crises – effectively. This presentation discusses crisis communications readiness – from establishing core values and transparent policies to preparing spokespeople that can humanize and create empathy for your organization.

In this program you will learn:

  •  What is Driving the Change in Crisis Communications
  •  Four Components of Brand Protection
  •  Crisis Readiness: A Model for Success

 Jan Gusich is founder and Chief Executive Officer of AKHIA, an integrated business marketing firm with expertise in strategic planning, corporate positioning, brand development, marketing communications, business communications and reputation management. 


Infographics - Developing information for your communication goals April 24, 2017

Corporate College East 4400 Richmond Road Warrensville Heights, OH 44128

IABC Northeast Ohio is sponsoring an infographics lunch and learn on Monday April 24, 2017, 11;30 am, at Corporate College. Dana Anderson of is going to offer insight and advice about developing infographics to meet the demands of your audience. This will be a great chance to learn how graphic design can impact your communication goals.  To join IABC for this event, click this link:


IABC Infographics Lunch and Learn 4/24/2017


About Dana Anderson

Dana Anderson is an experienced graphic designer and creative director born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a BFA in Visual Communication & Design from Kent State University. Working in the design & creative field since 2001, past experience includes American Greetings, Nesnadny & Schwartz, Flourish Agency, and Karen Skunta & Co. She has been the owner of The Beehive Studio, LLC. a small design collaborative based in Lakewood, Ohio since 2007 (ten years!). Her design experience includes publications, marketing collateral, branding, event graphics & materials, and large format installations. Current client list ranges from small start-ups to large non-profits and corporations. She also volunteers for and serves on the Board of Directors for LakewoodAlive, a local non-profit.


Understanding Millennials - February 28, 2017

Corporate College East 4400 Richmond Road Warrensville Heights, OH 44128

Millennials are not some vast unsolvable mystery. According to a report from the U.S. Census Bureau (PDF), they earn $2,000 less than their parents did at a comparable age, they are more likely to live in poverty, and they are more likely to live at home. But, Millennials are tired of getting a bad rap. The Millennial generation are sick of being called lazy, entitled or high maintenance simply because they played on T-ball teams in which everyone got a trophy and grew up drenched in a constant stream of praise from adults. That was years ago. Now, they’re starting families — or starting to think about it — in the face of an economy that hasn’t grown robustly in more than a decade. 

Yes, they continue to struggle to move up the corporate ladder while older workers delay retirement and hold tight to the reins of power. They want to be recognized for their contribution to their employers, despite measly starting salaries and zero job security. They yearn to work for managers who treat them fairly and respectfully, to form positive connections with colleagues and feel proud of what they do and its impact on the world.

Join Northeast Ohio IABC on February 28, 2017 as we host Sonya Weiland and Amy Shanon who will share their insight about how Millennials will be a key part of our future employee population. You learn how to flex your  leadership style to meet the Millennials’ expectations. Our objectives include:

  • Discover the perceived “Gap” between Millennials and their Employers
  • Identify, understand, and  discuss ways to align with Millennials’ values
  • Understand the demands Millennials have of employers
  • Recognize the use of social media by Millennials as a means of communication and disseminating information
  • Create strategies to support Millennials’ ambitions and professional development

Sign up to attend at:


About Amy Shannon and Sonya Weiland 

Amy B. Shannon, President, Pinnacle Leadership Solutions,  LLC, serves  as the Organizational Development, Coaching and Training Expert for Your Partner In HR. For the past eleven years, Amy has been an Organizational Development (OD) consultant working with clients in manufacturing, service, financial and healthcare industries. Most recently, Amy served as the Executive Director II/Vice President of Corporate College where she built robust leadership training curriculum to serve clients throughout the Greater Cleveland Ohio area. Prior to her OD work, she spent six years as a Human Resources Manager in service and manufacturing organizations, and then she moved into Director level positions with Western-Southern Enterprise and at Kendle International, Inc. In both of these organizations, Amy built competency-based corporate universities that were recognized on a national level as well as noted numerous times in trade magazines.

Sonya Weiland, Founder of Your Partner In HR and President of WeilandWorks Consulting, has focused her career on building positive team environments and is a recognized strategic partner in HR to many organizations in the Cleveland Area. Sonya has partnered with Senior Executives to develop talent management and HR solutions with a clear link to business results. Her expertise includes the design and implementation of training, creating HR systems, performance management systems and talent management. She has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, service and not-for-profit. Sonya also does Public Speaking; provides keynote speeches, leads local career seminars and contributes to business development groups. Prior to establishing WeilandWorks Consulting, she was an HR Manager for Macy’s Department Stores as well as an Operations & Sales Manager for multiple organizations.




From the West

I-480 East toward I-271 North LOCAL to Harvard

Road exit. Turn left onto Harvard Road. Turn left onto Richmond Road and pass Tri-C’s Eastern Campus. At the stoplight, turn right into Corporate College and follow the driveway around to the front entrance.

From the South

I-271 North to Harvard Road exit. Turn left onto Harvard Road. Turn left onto Richmond Road and pass Tri-C’s Eastern Campus. At the stoplight, turn right into Corporate College and follow the driveway around to the front entrance.

From the North

I-271 South to exit OH-175/Richmond Road exit. Corporate College is across the street from the exit ramp.